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One of the best things to happen to IDW Publishings line of Star Trek comic books is the writing team of brothers David and Scott Tipton. Whether writing the Original Series, Next Generation, or Deep Space Nine, they have a knack not only for characterization, but for the kinds of adventures that the respective crews would really be having. That talent is on display in their most recent trade paperback, Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge. The 2010 book collects four connected stories from Captain Kirks Enterprise, and has the look and feel of the 1966-69 television series. The stories stand alone well, but form a connected arc that is a satisfying story.Uncertain Prescriptions has Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy beaming down to the Mygdalian homeworld. These new aliens have astounding medical technology, and want to join the Federation for additional protection. Theyre also hiding a secret that can either be a great asset or a great danger--its up to Kirk to figure it out.Failure to Communicate is a visit to Waassertla, a peaceful, beautiful planet where the entire population is constantly connected via cybernetic implants. This unity is idyllic, but doesnt provide any room for privacy or individuality. Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Uhura are caught in the middle of a conflict that might disrupt that peace for good--but give the Waasertlans freedom as well. A Matter of Perspective examines a conflict between two classic Star Trek alien species, the blue-skinned, antennaed Andorians and the pig-faced Tellarites. Both are members of the Federation, and thus allies to Captain Kirk and our heroes, but both end up drawing the Enterprise into the middle of a budding war.The Burden of Knowledge brings the Enterprise full circle to Mygdalia, where the secret theyve been hiding comes back to endanger the life of an Enterprise crew member...and we meet more classic Trek aliens on the way. The relationship between Kirk, Spock and McCoy is well-established by this point, and the Tiptons use that bond to explore the issues brought up in these stories. That includes some humor, some philosophical discussions, and some high adventure. Captain Kirk is still impulsive, but brainier than he usually gets credit for; Spock is pitch-perfect, and Dr. McCoy is used particularly well in his role as Kirks conscience. Scotty and Uhura are also used well, but Sulu and Chekov dont have to do beyond driving the ship. Which is fine. The scripts are good, the aliens and situations imaginative, and are completely within the realm of Classic Star Trek.The artwork by Federica Manfredi is very clear and consistent. The likenesses to the actors playing these iconic characters are very good, and whether drawing the familiar settings of the Bridge, Transporter Room and other Enterprise interiors, the lines of the starship itself, or new exotic locations, Manfredi seems to get it all right. The paper and printing in this collection is high quality, and will hold up well over time. If youre a fan of classic Star Trek and of comic books, this collection is all win. You can boldly go where no man has gone before--in the pages of a comic book. The Tipton brothers and IDW make it so.

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