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In XMas, 55 young girls below the age of 20 are posing nude, or almost nude, for the first time. All are very pretty, but they do not yet know their own power of seduction. They have been promised Christmas: it is like a rite of passage, a moment of unreality in which the person does not know what the outcome will be. The smiles of the festive season can hide many fears and already some regrets and disappointments.In work carried out during the year 2000, in these 62 photographs Bettina Rheims represents three phases in the coming-of-age of a young girl: The first shows the background of a young girls own environment, the pinks and blues of junior theatre. The second incorporates a projected backdrop that is between cinema and nightmare and grasps at the dreams and potential of the future. In the third nothing is left, except a person -- a woman in a white box where the ribbon has been cut to reveal that it is the true self that is the real gift.

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